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Dear friend,

I do not have a story to tell yet, but [through the power of the One who made me], I do have a journey of healing to share… I call it, My Journey Journal.

Survivor! You need to know that you are not alone! I encourage you to have assurance that His strength can be found in our weakness… and know that His loving power is better than our life of unintended despair & loneliness… know that through our brokenness, we can be made whole through the perfectness of God our Creator.

I pray that sharing my journey with others will empower the victim to be removed from the deceit of abusive sin… that the victorious glory that is God’s Will, will shine through the darkness that abuse creates. I pray that God will use my journey to inspire those who have been wounded to be bound no more… this is why I share my journey of recovery with you.

In His love,



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