Molar Abuse

On a journey of healing from childhood sexual abuse, I have been writing at my journey journal (dot) org for several years.  Recently, I coined the term “Molar Abuse”.

No, that isn’t clinical term… it is just my way to reason that abuse does happen – even if you can’t remember.  And, not having memories that abuse did happen, doesn’t mean you aren’t or can’t be freed from the bondage that abuse puts us in. I am grateful you are joining me on my journey.


just dandy - rayne - molar abuse - my journey journal - when rayne whispers

The purpose of this page is to reassure women who have been through or are going through an abusive relationship of their personal strength and hope available… to have a safe place to seek the safety of God and others… to share questions, struggles, and insights, in hopes of encouragement and a better understanding of the hope we can find in Christ.

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